‘Mack The Life’ by lee Mack

Mack The Life imageNarrator: Lee Mack

Length: 8 hrs 11 mins

Publisher: Penguin

Audible release date: July 2022

My knowledge of Lee Mack, prior to reading his book that is, was limited to what I’d gleaned from episodes of his sitcom ‘Not Going Out’ and his performances as the team captain on ‘Would I Lie To You’. Both programs are pretty good and I’d happily recommend them, though I can’t claim to have seen anywhere close to every episode, and what I have seen has been in no sort of order. They certainly weren’t what spurred me to listen to his book.

In truth, I might not have bothered with Mack’s book at all, but it appeared on my recommendations list, and comedians tend to write interesting autobiographies that contain more than the sanitised fluff of your average celebrity life story. They also read them really well, bringing their own gags to life in a way that few others could. That, coupled with the fact that I’ve heard quite a few comedians say some very nice things about him, and I heard that he objected to alcohol advertising during this show, was enough to entice me to press play.

Though the book wasn’t packed with gags, I wasn’t disappointed. Mack’s account of his early life growing up in a northern working class town took me back to my own childhood. As I followed him down the long and winding road that lead to comedy success, I was routing for him every step of the way. Even more interesting than his actual journey from ‘little lad’ to ‘top flight comedian’ was his constant analysis of the motivations and drives that lead him to do what he did, and does. I think that many comedians are amateur philosophers to some degree, and Mack is no exception. He certainly appears to have an introspective street coupled with an outlook on life that makes much of what he has to say worth listening too.

If you like the Lee Mack you know from the telly, then this book provides a glimpse at the man behind the comedy. If Mack’s cheeky brand of comedy isn’t your cup of tea then I would still recommend it. His story offers an insightful account of what can happen if you grasp the opportunities that come your way, and work hard to make something of them.

Well worth a listen!