From The Oasthouse podcast

The From The Oasthouse podcast is the latest incarnation of Alan Partridge and, spoiler alert, it doesn’t disappoint. To keep a any comic character going for over thirty years is a huge achievement. To do it with one of Alan’s calibre is just incredible.
I was first introduced to Alan by a friend at university way back in the mists of time. The surreal, dry style of comedy that the character embodied was very much not to everyones taste. It wasn’t hard to find serious folks who believed that Alan was real. For me, that only added to his particular charm.
His podcast series very much continues in this vein. From a bizarre, young, parody of a yuppy TV personality going through the ups and downs of the industry, Alan has developed into an excellent parody of an ageing star whose best years are behind him. It’s tough dealing with the lonely life that he has been instrumental in forging, in a technological world that has left him behind. It’s even tougher to turn this into a spectator sport worth listening to. Fortunately, as always, Alan faces those challenges with his own inimitable style, flavouring the whole with a dash of disgust, a peppering of pathos, and a humungous hunk of humour.
I’ve just finished series one and plan to hit series two ASAP. I strongly recommend all of you out there follow suit. That way we might be treated to further Alan offerings in the future.